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Alpha Lighting is an Australian company specialising in the manufacture of High Density (HD) Light Emitting Diode (LED) signs for both indoor and outdoor use. Using the latest HD LED technology, Alpha Lighting makes the smallest, brightest, most durable and efficient signs available today.

Alpha Lighting provides signage solutions that are smarter than the rest. Developed in Australia to meet market demands this outstanding product has delivered unique illuminated signage solutions since the first installation in Melbourne in 2008.

Showcasing the latest in illuminated LED technology, Alpha Lighting surpasses outdated and inferior technology of yesteryear. The advantages of Alpha Lighting exceed all expectations in appearance and performance over the aging, dangerous, more complicated and expensive Neon lights .

We consult with you and your team and provide complete design services to meet your needs. Our manufacturing team produces, delivers and installs to your requirements ensuring the desired outcome is achieved.

Alpha Lighting. The latest technology in signage illumination.

What is Alpha Lighting?

Alpha Lighting consists of HD dot-by-dot LED lights which are embedded in acrylic, resin or gel filled material. This ensures that the light is evenly diffused through each individual letter and that even the finest of strokes and sharp angles are illuminated with precision.

The distinguishing features of Alpha Lighting:

  • Uses dot-by-dot LED lights
  • The letter depth can be as thin as 25mm whilst still maintaining a bright and even colour
  • The face stroke can be as thin as 5mm without affecting the illumination quality
  • 100% brightness that is evenly distributed with no dark or hot spots
  • All letters run on 12V DC and are based on your personal designs
  • Easy installation and transportation
  • UV and water resistant
  • Low running cost and minimal maintenance required
  • The most energy-efficient solution (compared to push fit acrylics, neon and normal lighting techniques)


LED Signs Melbourne


At Smart Display, we work with Alpha Lighting to provide the highest quality HD LED signs in Melbourne. We offer an extensive range of custom designed LED signs suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Using the latest in LED technology, our signage consists of dot-by-dot LED lights embedded in acrylic, resin or gel-filled material. The light is evenly diffused and even the finest of strokes and sharp angles are illuminated with precision, providing superior brightness across a wide colour spectrum.

The use of the latest power saving technologies ensures that all our LED signs in Melbourne are as energy efficient as possible, saving you money and lowering your carbon footprint.

Our LED signage is durable and long-lasting and UV and water resistant. They’re easy to transport and install and, best of all, they look great!

Whatever your LED signage requirements, we will work with you to custom design signage to suit your exact size and colour specifications. If you don’t have exact design specs in mind, our design team can help you pull together an eye-catching concept that will suit your brand and draw in customers.

As premium sign writers in Melbourne, we also offer a full range of branding, design and signage solutions including vehicle graphics, 3D logos and lettering and the best exhibition banners in Melbourne.

To find out more about our LED signage, give us a call today on (03) 9326 7677.

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